Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ighalsk - release 0.1.3 and plans for the future

After losing maybe a month to playing Dwarf Fortress, I'm picking up speed on Ighalsk again. I've just released v0.1.3 (minor changes from v0.1.2). The plan is to take development in a new direction: first adding another window with buttons for all the commands that are currently available (rather than having to remember everything), and then radically revamping the dungeon system and the character concept ...

For my own reference, here's the steps that I follow when making a release of Ighalsk:
1) svn copy from trunk to tags/release_x_y_z. (I'm skipping the URL, which really is not that edifying.)
2) svn export tags/release_x_y_z
3) Zip up this exported directory and rename as "ighalsk-x-y-z-src.zip" (to conform with Sourceforge's naming convention).
4) Upload the zip file to Sourceforge's file upload area.
5) Create a new release, add changelog and release notes, check the box next to the zip file, and done!


  1. When you make releases, it's advisable to zip up a root directory (such as 'ighalsk') rather than the contents of the source dir. This is to prevent "tarbombs", which litter the current working directory with source files.

  2. Quite right - I should know that by now. Release 0.1.4 is now fixed.