Monday, May 24, 2010

Ighalsk - release 0.1.15

I released v0.1.15 of Ighalsk some 2 weeks ago. It can be downloaded from its SourceForge project page here. These are the changes since v0.1.14:

* Fixed bug in Monster Editor where the resists weren't updated after changing the monster's family. (The new values were present, but the recalculation wasn't occurring in the correct place.)
* Switched to black background and white text, which is a more traditional roguelike design (and has more of an underground feel). Black monsters are now a dark grey colour.
* Can now add monsters to a level using the Level Editor (and delete them if they're in the wrong place!).
* Can now add circular rooms in the Level Editor. (This was something I wanted for the Tunnels of Lost Dreams in particular.)
* Now need to specify a width and height when creating a new level in the Level Editor. (Now tests can use small levels for speed.)
* Added initial (incomplete) version of the final level of the Tunnels of Lost Dreams - can't yet be entered in the game. A screenshot is here.

There was almost 3 months between v0.1.14 and v0.1.15, and there may well be a similar time until the next release, if not longer. I'd like to work on a game that inspires me more and that I'm more passionate about; I feel with Ighalsk like there's a lot of work to do before it achieves even close to the functionality that other roguelikes have. The next game will be an RPG, and will reuse a lot of Ighalsk's code, but will have a much more graphical interface. It will also be written in Python, and be open-source (GPL-licensed). If you'd like to know any more, there will be sneak previews and further discussion on this blog and/or on my Twitter feed.

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