Monday, April 4, 2011

From Bear to Phoenix - release 0.0.1

I've just released From Bear to Phoenix v0.0.1! You can download it from here. As the initial release, this version contains a prototype GUI and basic gameplay. Specifically:

  • You can play as a Shapeshifter, who can change into a Bear. Naturally the plan is to add other forms, including Wolf, Tree and of course Phoenix; see my earlier post for more.

  • Shapeshifters have MP as well as HP. (Do I need to explain HP and MP? Doesn't every CRPG have at least HP and most fantasy RPGs have MP?)

  • Spells (including changing to a different form) cost MP each turn to maintain; when the caster's MP is exhausted, all spells are dispelled.

  • The opponents are GULBs (Giant Undead Lady Bug). Again, there will be more added soon.

  • The screen includes a map, a mini-map (showing all allies and opponents) and a status line (showing messages).

  • You can recentre the map.

  • You can left-click for actions (including casting spells, moving and attacking) and right-click for information (current HP and MP).

  • The map has obstacles which block squares and tiles which don't. (Tiles are there to add atmosphere.)

  • Opponents move around obstacles. (So far, the path-finding algorithm is quite primitive; it will need beefing up to cope with lines of obstacles and dead ends.)

Here's a couple of screenshots:

Screenshot of Star Mage Girl
Shapeshifter at the start of the game.

Screenshot of Bear
Bear form, also showing an information window with current HP and MP.

Again, see the original From Bear to Phoenix post for image credits. (I drew the grass/weeds and rocks.)

Where next? The plan is to add the following features for v0.0.2 (unless there's an intermediate release):

  • Augmenter, who can cast spells that enhance or degrade bodies (maybe not minds just yet);

  • Multiple allies fighting together (defending and helping each other);

  • Being able to choose both the allies and the opponents for a battle;

  • Polar Bears and Firebugs available as opponents;

  • Possibly a character viewer that can show some or all of spells available, spells cast by this character, and spells cast on this character;

  • Hopefully more Forms for Shapeshifters, at least Wolf and Tree.

You have not seen anything yet!

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