Friday, November 20, 2009

Ighalsk - releases 0.1.9 and 0.1.10

I've just released Ighalsk v0.1.10: you can download the source code here. This blog post also covers the changes in v0.1.9, since I didn't write a separate blog post about those.

Changes in v0.1.9:
* Weapons, attack powers and monsters now all do random damage (using a new Dice class). As discussed in the previous post, a Dice object can be created with a string such as "4d5+6". There's a little bit more to it than that; for example, when returning the string (which is used in the character screen or when examining a weapon), zeroes are dropped: "2d3" looks much nicer than "2d3+0".
* Savefiles now use compressed versions of the Hero and the current level. This reduces the size of the savefiles by a factor of about 8, and should improve savefile stability between releases (e.g. changes to methods in a class shouldn't affect the savefile). More savings are possible: currently (in v0.1.10, I should say) the walls in a level are saved as a list of booleans, which takes a number of characters per wall. They could instead be packed into 16-bit integers (just for saving and restoring - for speed, they'd still be a list of booleans during play).

Changes in v0.1.10:
* Refactored Level to use a list of booleans for walls. This speeds up level generation and also simplifies the code: there was a Square object for each square, doing nothing but holding and making available a boolean (whether or not that square contained a wall).
* Printing level to screen is now done in 2 passes for speed: the first for walls, the second for everything else. This is because everything else is sparse: that is, stored as a list of objects with positions, while the walls have one value per position. (Checking the list of monsters in a level for each square to see if it has a monster in it was taking some time.)
* Extracted resists of Beings, Families and Armour to a separate Resists class for ease of adding resists and returning the resist for a given damage type. This removed duplicate code between Being and Adventurer, and also simplified the size of both classes.
* Added BoostPowers which improve resistances temporarily, and Boosts to hold current improvements. Any Being can have boosts theoretically, though in practice only the Hero can, if she or he uses a boost power on herself or himself.
* Blessed and Mighty Heroes can now use a boost power: "Tenacity" and "Courage" respectively.
* Fixed bug 2889190 where up and down were reversed when using keys on the numeric keypad: thanks to Genosha for raising this bug.
* Added 7 new Monsters: Lesser Haunt, Paranoia, Zombie, Ivy, Flatworm, Ghost Spider, and Greater Huntsman. (The Zombie here is a common, stock-standard zombie; variants will be added later.)
* Added Monsters for level 3 of each quest.
* Characters saved with release v0.1.9 *can* be loaded using this release! (I've only tested this for one character, but I don't expect any problems for special cases.)

I've now implemented most major pieces of functionality that I was planning to add before releasing v0.2.0. The exceptions are adding a Level Editor and special levels (level 5 of each quest) - the plan is to use the Level Editor to generate the special levels :). Of course, there's a bunch of tidying up and refactoring to do, plenty of minor functionality that could be added, content to add (new armour and monsters are the most critical parts) and no doubt bugs to fix.

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