Monday, November 30, 2009

Ighalsk - Tests and Time

At a recent checkin, there were 486 tests defined for Ighalsk, which took 31.8 seconds to run (on my old laptop: 500 MHz, Win98). I'm happy with the number of tests, but would like to decrease the time somewhat (still too many file accesses).

A Google spreadsheet showing some numbers and times for different revisions is available here. I don't know why the time went down to 9 seconds and back up again almost immediately, but I think the dip from 23.3 seconds to 20.9 seconds was just after some test refactoring to speed up tests - probably replacing file I/O with StringIO (see previous post).

Also, I now have a Twitter account here - any updates to these numbers/this spreadsheet will probably be posted on Twitter first (and possibly only). I'm working on increasing the popularity of #roguelike ...

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