Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ighalsk - release 0.1.12 (and 0.1.11)

So I released Ighalsk v0.1.12 a few weeks ago (mid-December) but have only just got around to writing a blog post about it. And yes, I messed up again and needed to jump from release 0.1.11 to 0.1.12 almost instantly. (So 0.1.11 appears in the Subversion repository, but there's no separate download - the Level Editor doesn't work for that release.)

Here are the changes since release 0.1.10:

* Added an empty file in data/quests so that this directory will be included in a zip file. :/

* Updated the Monster Editor to allow deleting when entering names of Monsters, filenames for Monster Dictionaries, Monster comments and weapon damages (dice descriptions). There are different characters allowed for each type of data, with the loosest constraints for comments (where punctuation is allowed) and strictest for dice descriptions (where 0-9, d, and + are the only characters allowed).
* Monsters are now only visible when they are near the Hero, though with no line-of-sight; I'm assuming that the Hero has limited telepathy. Line-of-sight looks hard :/ so will come later. (Need to do more background reading on RogueBasin ...)
* Added lit squares - this shows the limits of the Hero's sight (telepathy), hence the areas of uncertainty (where the Monsters could be hiding). Needs tweaking a little ... Currently all walls on a level are visible - this will change as well.
* Added 9 new, more powerful and more expensive items of Armour - all are available in the Armour Shop. My current favourite is probably the "Hat of Serenity", which increases resistance to fear.
* Removed the dungeon not associated with any quest; this meant that Habitat is no longer used, so removed it as well. Hooray for simpler code!
* Added a basic Level Editor: currently this allows removing and adding walls, saving and loading levels.
* Characters saved with release v0.1.9 *can* be loaded using this release. (Yes, I have tested this.)

EDIT: The latest version can be downloaded from here.

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