Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ighalsk - The Nature of Illusions

Lord Apathy has a number of different types of illusions serving him - some on loan from other Lords of Illusion. These include "Embarrassment" illusions, so called not because they embody embarrassment themselves (and somehow infect those they encounter), but because they induce embarrassment in others. With disparaging comments, a haughty stare, and eye-rolling, such an illusion conveys a strong impression that your appearance, actions and indeed thoughts and plans are ridiculous, inappropriate and just plain wrong. It is an illusion, but the feelings of embarrassment that it causes are real.

Another type of illusion at Lord Apathy's command is "Paranoia". Again, it is not itself paranoid, though it may pretend to be. Instead, it induces paranoia in others. With whispered words, raised eyebrows and significant pauses, it insinuates that you have been betrayed and everyone is plotting against you, waiting for your slightest mistake to pounce.

These illusions can be destroyed (unraveled) in several ways; they are resistant to physical weapons, but most vulnerable to a Philosopher's use of reason.

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